Our Grandmas

Grandma Marina

“Active, Straight Forward, Social.”

When I moved to Barcelona with my family, I became fascinated with the variety of traditional Spanish cuisine and the the wide range of fresh and raw ingredients available.

Since then I’ve been exploring the many different styles of cooking  unique to each of the regions of Spain. Using this knowledge, I am inspired to recreate these dishes with my own style.

I would rather cook a fideua than a paella. Fideua is originally from the coast of Valencia, but unlike traditional paella, it is made with noodles instead of rice. My children love to have “Rap al All Cremat” for dinner. This dish has been served at our table for many generations and our family has its own secrets that make it so special. My favorite dish is “Sopa de cocido”. Whenever I make this, it takes me back to the vineyards of my hometown and the cumin reminds me of my mom’s fresh lentils.


For me cooking is like magic. Being able to turn fresh and simple ingredients into such delicious and elaborate meals is incredible. I love the idea of Grandma’s Cooking because I truly believe that cooking is about sharing a passion with others. This is exactly how family recipes are kept in the family and passed down through generations. My grandma taught my mother, and my mother taught me. Without the passion for sharing food, we would not have secret family recipes. It’s all about sharing tradition!