Our Grandmas

Grandma Marita

“Organized, Serious, Kind.”

Born and raised in Barcelona, I have been compiling local Catalan recipes for years. My passion for food started when I was 11. That year I received an electric oven to bake chocolate cakes.

I remember being so excited to be able to bake on my own. By the time I was 22, I was teaching my own cooking classes in Barcelona, and I continued to do so for 12 years! I always have so much fun sharing my love of cooking with people around the stove.

One of my favorite activities is going on a bike ride to visit the different markets of the city. There are over 30 markets each offering something unique. When I go to the market, I search for seasonal and local products. I’ve often said: “Inspiration is easy to find when you connect with fresh ingredients and when you know where they come from”.

One of my favorite dishes to cook is what we call the Catalan Surf & Turf. It is a mix of sea and mountain ingredients. For example, you could find a cuttlefish stuffed inside a pork meatball on your plate if you cook with me! It is simply delicious! My family’s favorite dish is black seafood rice, which is colored with cuttlefish ink; it makes for a nice Sunday lunch.