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Our Grandmas

Grandma Cali

“Cooking is an art”


I grew up in Murcia, which is best known as the “Huerto de Europa”. When I was little, I was always in the kitchen. I would watch my grandmother and mother prepare all types of meals for the family.

Our Grandmas

Grandma Marina

“I come from La Rioja, an area well known for its wines as well as for its ‘lentils with chorizo’”


When I moved to Barcelona with my family, I became fascinated with the variety of traditional Spanish cuisine and the the wide range of fresh and raw ingredients available.

Our Grandmas

Grandma Marita

“I consider myself very traditional in my cooking style”


Born and raised in Barcelona, I have been compiling local Catalan recipes for years. My passion for food started when I was 11. That year I received an electric oven to bake chocolate cakes.

Our Grandmas

Grandma Dominique

“The best part about cooking is cooking with people”


I was born on the souther coast of France, but by the time I was ten my family and I were already living in Barcelona. When I first started cooking, I was highly influenced by the Mediterranean traditions of cooking.