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Our Grandmas

Grandma Marina

I come from La Rioja, an area well known for its wines as well as for its “lentils with chorizo”.


When I moved to Barcelona with my family, I became fascinated with the variety of traditional Spanish cuisine and the the wide range of fresh and raw ingredients available.

Since then I’ve been exploring the many different styles of cooking  unique to each of the regions of Spain. Using this knowledge, I am inspired to recreate these dishes with my own style.

Our Grandmas

Grandma Marita

cooking class in barcelona

I consider myself very traditional in my cooking style.


Born and raised in Barcelona, I have been compiling local Catalan recipes for years. My passion for food started when I was 11. That year I received an electric oven to bake chocolate cakes. I remember being so excited to be able to bake on my own. By the time I was 22, I was teaching my own cooking classes in Barcelona, and I continued to do so for 12 years! I always have so much fun sharing my love of cooking with people around the stove.

Our Grandmas

Grandma Dominique

cooking classes barcelona

I was born on the southern coast of France, but by the time I was ten my family and I were already living in Barcelona.


When I first started cooking, I was highly influenced by the Mediterranean traditions of cooking. The abundance of fresh seafood available and the endless combinations of fresh ingredients has always inspired me to keep mixing flavors in the kitchen. Since Barcelona is home to over 30 food markets, there are so many places that I can go to find what I need to make a delicious meal.