Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona offers hands-on cooking classes in Barcelona based on tradition.


Grandma´s Cooking Barcelona is a social project that promotes an active lifestyle and the inclusion or engagement of a segment of the population that has the knowledge of the traditional Spanish and Catalan cuisine.

With the ancestral knowledge concerning the traditional cooking skills as a central element, we carry out different projects that involve the senior people, our Grandmas, who are actively participating in our offerings.

We are proud of our Grandmas network which counts on more than 30 Grandmas and 2 Grandpas! The more assignments we have, the better we can accomplish our goal of bringing our Grandmas back into an active and participative lifestyle. Do you want to arrange or be part one of our activities?

Not only are they preserving traditional recipes, they are also building a community through food, storytelling and the rich and diverse history of the grandmas who guide you through the meal.

At Grandma´s Cooking Barcelona, we offer:

Hands on cooking classes: Grandma teaches you to cook traditional recipes of the local cuisine.

Corporate events: Our Grandmas are in charge of the catering in Corporate Meetings or social gatherings elaborating a selection of traditional dishes.

Team building events: Equipped with aprons and cutting boards, your team will cook delicious dishes guided by our Grandmas.

– Open Thursday´s: Come and meet us every Thursday during “Esmorzar de Forquilla” or “After work”. You will know more about our project and our headquarters.

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