Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona offers hands-on cooking classes in Barcelona based on tradition.

Try a unique hands-on cooking experience based on tradition in Barcelona. The classes are hosted by grandmas that are willing to share their culinary secrets with you while cooking traditional Spanish and Catalan dishes.

In our hands-on format, a grandma will teach you how to cook a full menu from scratch consisting of a starter, main dish, and dessert.  You will taste your creations together as a group, where the dishes will be paired with local wines or refreshments.

We are creating a community of grandmas willing to share their culinary secrets with you in a hands-on cooking class. Each grandma will be assisted by a social cook, translating her words and instructions for the cooking class attendees and making sure everyone in the room is having a great time while cooking and learning the traditional cuisine of Spain and Catalonia. Don´t miss out on this unique experience learning directly from the source of tradition.

This cooking class is a unique cooking experience where you will have the chance to learn more than standard paella and take the secrets, tricks and knowledge you learn back home to share with your family, friends or guests.

Don’t miss out a bit of reality of the traditional cuisine of Spain.

Meet you in the kitchen!

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