Our Grandmas

Grandma Paca Sola

”Spontaneous, Funny, Happy.”

I was born in October of 1949 in Olesa de Montserrat into a working family who also disposed of an allotment where I would learn early on to recognize which foods could go on the table and in which seasons. We didn’t always have what we wanted but we learned how to look after what we had and to adapt to the planting and harvesting calendar.

Although I graduated in Clinical Psychology, I´ve been a member of the theatre group Comediants from its inception and have participated in each and every project with which we toured the world.

I´ve known and savored dishes, ingredients, and flavors of many varieties. For me, cooking has always been a source of pleasure and encounters.

Now I´m retired and I still have the taste for good food and good conversation. I continue to defend, above all, the seasonal fruits and vegetables which apart from the pleasure they give us, also help our bodies face the changing seasons. Why otherwise would we have oranges, clementines and citrus fruits in general in Winter? Because they´re necessary for combatting colds and our lack of sun.

I´m delighted to be able to participate in a project in which, pleasure, culinary knowledge, and social encounters can all come together in harmony and goodwill.

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