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Grandma Marisa

”Persistent, Risk Taker, Impatient.”

Born in Barcelona to a family of Galician origins, I fell in love with cooking whilst observing my grandmother rolling the dough for bread and pastries which would then go into a real wood-fired oven.

I studied business catering and am now excited about sharing my experiences with Grandma´s Cooking.

Spanish cuisine has a rich and extensive base, with each region having their own variety of ingredients and dishes. From fresh greens, fruits, rice and pulses of meat, fish and seafood concoctions, without forgetting the bread, olive oils, cheeses and ranges of cold cuts.

Whenever I travel within Spain or abroad, I never miss the opportunity to visit the local food markets. I love exploring the different varieties offered and imagining the ways they can be combined together to make new dishes. I´d buy it all if I could!! Dishing up salads, pans of rice, tomato-kissed bread, soups, gazpachos, stews, roasts, seafood and then, of course, the grill…

I especially enjoy cooking fresh food and dishes based on when the produce is at its best and in season. Would you like to cook with me some of these dishes? Share the experience with us at Grandmas

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