Our Grandmas

Grandma Carmen

“Authentic, Hard Worker, Social.”

The history of Carmen Gomà, owner of Gomà codfish, is also a history of perseverance and character. She was born in the 40’s, on a farmer’s family house, at the Barony of Rialb, in Lleida, from where she gets her accent. When she was 12 years old she decided that she didn’t want to spend her life working for the heir of her family, whom was her younger brother. She moved to Terrassa, with her grandmother and aunt, and started working at the market of the city Vallès, at a stand of cod and olives. 

These were the last years of the 50’s. 

Right in front of one of the stops that now is La Boqueria, with its immaculate white apron and its trainers, she explains: We started to work early in the morning, because in Terrassa there were many factories and the women had to make purchases before going to work. By nine we had to have almost all the sales made, but we did not close until both were sold.  there were two types of ladies, those who worked and those who did not arrive until later. In the afternoon, she remembered doing the work at her aunt’s house, and more on, at the home of a family of textile industrialists, where she settled. If you had to pay me the floor and the food could not have been kept. But it did not take long before, in Terrassa. After a few years, when she knew in a dance what would be her husband, Pere Bosom, she went to live in Barcelona. He is going to marry nineteen years, and from that time on, he goes to La Boqueria. One day you will come with my wife’s brother-in-law to ask if they’re missing dependent. They told me that if I was twelve years old with Clavera Antonio, selling cod in the central corridor. At first he collected 400 pesetas per week. And twenty-eight years ago I bought the first stop. Afterwards, he scored two months. In total, forty years: A whole record, he points out.To get here, but it explains a day-to-day balance between work in the market, the family and the floor that seem to be a gymkhana without dead time. Her husband was a linotypist and had nights in the Catalan mail, they say, and in the newspaper of Barcelona. I worked in three newspapers and, in addition, I came to help me, explains Carmen.

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