Our Grandmas

Grandma Quima

“Extroverted, Active, Worker.”

 My love and enjoyment for cooking starts in the memories of my childhood. I was born in my grandmother’s house, in Murcia. It was surrounded by fruit trees and products from the Murcian garden (tomatoes, peppers, beans … and all kinds of fruit trees).

           My grandmother cooked very well and for an indeterminate number of people, since her house was the house of “everyone.” At a very young age I moved to live in Barcelona because of my father’s work, although I spent my summers with my grandparents. Whenever possible, I would accompany my mother to the Santa Catalina Market. She taught me to choose the best products of the market.

           When I got married, my husband’s mother cooked the typical Catalan cuisine, so I continued to learn the culinary theme. During the time I was married my house reminded me of my grandmother’s house. During celebrations and holidays I cooked for my family and my husband’s family.

           Currently and since my son Alex became independent I share my house with American students. Dinner is the time to enjoy and share one of the best moments of the day. For me, gathering around the table is something that means enjoyment. It is a social act. Lately I am very interested in aspects of healthy eating as a way to maintain a healthy and balanced life.


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