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Yves Nicolier Sandrock

I am a social cook, someone who is focused on cooking experiences. I used to do online marketing consultancy, but after 10 years and the birth of my first son, I decided to focus on my passion in life: cooking with people. I now offer several different cooking experiences in Barcelona: hands-on cooking classes, market tours, and team building workshops.

I reinvented myself as a “social cooker”, bringing people together around the stoves and sharing my passion, making sure that people learn by doing and experimenting the techniques and secrets of the traditional Spanish and Catalan Cuisine.

Why Social? Because I take care of the cooking experiences participants, sharing about cuisine and also about life.

Why Cooker? Because I bring people to cook and experiment by themselves.

After 6 years of offering cooking experiences in Barcelona, I realized that tradition in cooking really matters. People want to know where things are coming from. By having a hands-on cooking class with grandmas, people can truly experience the traditional way of cooking delicious Spanish and Catalan meals.

Meet you in the kitchen!

Chef Yves

cooking in barcelona with vero

Veronica Baena

For me, the teaching of cooking has a goal: to bring a cultural, historical, and gastronomic sense to the act of cooking for other people. I think the alchemy of love is in the kitchen.

I am interested in the origin of food, gastronomic contributions to the world, and food properties, such as cooking with products of proximity and without pesticides when possible.

I grew up next to my grandmother’s apron and with her generations of women who love to spend the afternoons cooking and playing cards. I come from a family of women who eat and cook with love and passion for what they cook. Cooking is a big part of my personal relationship with the world. Cooking is an act of humanity.

My job at Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona is to design the menus for the workshops and to accompany the grandma of the day in our cooking adventure. The experience is enriching; you will learn different ways to cook and tricks from the grandma, while engaging in conversations about what we cook here. In this way Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona is an original and fun way to learn how to cook and about the culture. They say the best meetings are in the kitchen!

Meet you in the kitchen! 


Grandma’s Cooking Barcelona wants to help share the tradition in cooking and allow the grandmas to have a great time and generate some nice extra incomes. We offer hands-on cooking classes with real grandmas willing to share their culinary secrets of the Spanish and Catalan traditional cuisine.

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