Cooking Classes

A hands-On Cooking Class hosted by a local Grandmas in Barcelona

Join a real cooking experience while in Barcelona. Meet a local Grandma at the food market for shopping or directly in the kitchen space. 

  • Meet and cook with a local Grandma
  • Experience a hands-on cooking class
  • Taste the menu paired with wines
  • Chat in a group table sharing with your Grandma of the day
  • Learn from a real Grandma
Full Cooking Class Description

This cooking class is a unique experience while in Barcelona. Different Grandmas from our community are sharing their traditional Catalan and Spanish recipes with the classes’ attendees.

Choose to start at the Santa Caterina fresh Food Market to explore the market with the Grandma of the day and define the menu right there, matching your taste or requirements.

Once in the kitchen, our Grandma will explain all the dishes you are going to cook with the help of a translator / social cooker. It is a hands on cooking class and every participant will get a cutting board, knive and apron to follow the granny’s instructions and help in the elaboration of the traditional dishes of the day.

After the hands- on cooking class, you will enjoy of our culinary creations of the day in a group table chatting and having a toast honoring the Grandmas teachings you just had.


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