Corporate Events

Turn your Corporate Event in Barcelona to a social impact activity!

When in Barcelona with your team, we offer different activities where our Grandmas are actively involved to bring you the real taste of the traditional Spanish and Catalan cuisine.  

Traditional Dishes Buffet

Our Grandmas will cook for your company event, offering a selection of traditional local dishes. A buffet will be offered by our Grandmas, who will directly explain the different dishes that have been elaborated in our kitchen!


Cook and Team Build in Barcelona

Bring your team to a unique cooking experience while In Barcelona. A selection of our Grandmas will guide your team in a hands on cooking class, where several local dishes will be elaborated. An experienced  team leader or social cooker will make sure that the team cooking session accomplishes the goals that have been defined.

Your team will then taste the culinary creations in a group table paired with local wines, chatting and having fun!

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