Intergenerational Cooking sessions

Our Grandmas are cooking with students to teach the culinary values and traditions to the younger generations.  A precious encounter around the stoves to preserve our rich culinary tradition.

Grandma´s Cooking Cook Book

We are working on a beautiful Cook Book, where our Grandmas are sharing their personal stories and the recipes of the traditional Spanish regional dishes. This is a vibrant ongoing project, in which we invest our time and love!

We are getting in contact and inspired by the powerful and lovely projects created by Kamal Mouzawak in Lebanon. Defining himself as a food activist, his projects are involving both the community and the territory.

Training our Community of Grandmas

We are constantly offering training sessions and day trip experiences to the members of our lovely community of Grandmas. We want them to stay tuned and boost their curiosity and knowledge around food and culture.

Do you want to propose a training session or activity for our community of Grandmas? 


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